Research Grants Management

Bespoke  Business Intelligence  Solution for One of the Largest British Research Funding Agencies

We are engaged by our business partners in UK to design, develop, implement and support the BI solution.

The solution:

  • Design and building of a single Data Warehouse
  • Design and building  of ETL  with complex data transformations  and integration of data from multiple data sources and third party applications
  • Computations of KPIs for several performance subjects
  • Design and building of Dashboards on SharePoint  platform
  • Migrating hundreds of operational reports from Excel formats
  • Integration of reports into Excel
  • Data tallying and certification for 100 % tally of reports
  • Implementation of  ‘single sign-on’ and data access control system on SharePoint platform.

The successful implementation of this  project has led to Application Support contract spanning over several years.

As source systems have been changing and being upgraded, we are engaged for re-engineering the BI system on ongoing basis.

Highlights of the project delivery:

  • Large number of business  users from several departments
  • Huge number of diverse quantitative and qualitative data elements
  • Rules engine  to defining business rules for data transformations, thus minimising programming and enhance ease of use
  • Data cleansing and standardization of terms
  • Complex data transformations based on rules for converting descriptive text into standardized terms
  • Integration of wide range of business processes:
    • Research grant proposals
    • Proposal evaluation and award
    • Grant budget allocations
    • Grant financial transactions
    • Grant milestone achievements
    • Grant results
    • Outcomes and Impacts
  • Very large number of Analysis Dimensions and Hierarchies:
    • Research subjects and topics
    • Roles, Specialists and People engaged in research
    • Equipment
    • Animals
    • Geographies
    • Outcome products and processes
    • Publications
  • A meta search tool provides powerful search of information with related reports using key words


  • Microsoft platform
  • MS Data Integration tools
  • MS Master Data Management
  • MS Analysis Services
  • MS Reporting Services
  • MS PowerView
  • MS  PowerPivot
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Active Directory