Finance and Investment

Investment Management Support – BA Solution

Self-service Analytical Reporting (OLAP) and Analysis Services (Cube) Solution designed, built and supporting for an investment portfolio of about GBP 20 billion for a client in UK.

Every night, the solution calculates a large number of KPIs including Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for thousands of investment items grouped into multiple levels based on cash flows since January 2005.

The reports were migrated to SharePoint platform, used by several financial analysts recommending investment decisions based on performance of investment items.

This is a mission critical application for the business.

Sub-broker Performance Management Support – BA Platform

Self-service Analytical Reporting (OLAP), Analysis Services, Data Mart and ETL solution designed, built and implemented for one of the top 15 Stock Brokers in India.

Every night, the solution imports trading data into the Data Mart and refreshes reports.

Large number of business users managing business with sub-brokers use the solution to manage:

  • Brokerage income
  • Trade volumes and average value
  • Number of active clients (sub-broker’s)
  • New client acquisition
  • Client attrition
  • Aggregate Profitability of trades
  • Financial exposure v/s risk parameters