Business Analytics Platforms are offered on the Cloud on pay-as-you-use basis to smaller clients and individuals.

Students and Researchers qualify for special pricing.

For Enterprise Clients the platforms are licensed with dedicated hosting and customization services.



A Self-service Reporting and Dashboarding Platform with OLAP functionality.

This Platform should replace Excel based reports, which are widely  used but with many limitations and data risks.

The key features are:

  • Build and publish Analytical Views and Reports (Grid and Graph)
  • Connect to Micrsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services (Cubes)
  • Drag and Drop variable to build reports
  • Build repository of reports
  • Construct Dashboard pages with prebuilt Views and Reports with page level filters
  • Publish them for authorized users
  • Tight access control

Advanced Analytics Platform with Predictive Modelling

This Platform enables deployment of Predictive Algorithms  for advanced analytics.

The key features are:

  • Upload your data in predefined format
  • Build Models using R library (statistical and data mining tools) or manually designed rules
  • Select best-fit model and generate Rules
  • Deployment of Rules for scoring data base