Analytical Reporting Solution

Occupancy, Yield and Profitability Analytics So .lution For a Large Norwegian Hotel Property Owner Company

We were engaged by our Norwegian businessl’ partner to develop the BI solution for a large hotel property owner company having control over about 90 branded hotel properties in Europe.

It is critical for the company to learn about revenue and profitability of various properties, classes of rooms and services within the properties, on which their own profitability is dependant.

The key features of the solution are:

  • Analytical reporting with slice, dice and drill-down features in Excel
  • Graphs, Cross tab and  Tabular reports  as per pre-defined Excel templates
  • Data pulled into Data Mart from MS Axapta ERP
  • Common Cost allocations to properties based on rules embedded in Data Mart in parameter tables
  • Computations of KPIs in Data Mart, such as:
    • Occupancy
    • Yield – revenue per room per night
    • Average customer revenue rate ( including food and other services)
    • Gross profit margin’
  • All actuals – for the period and Year-to-date – were compared with Budget and selected past period (Year, Quarter, Month, Week)
  • The reports provided  information at three levels: Budget Head, Account group and Account
  • The numbers could be shown in selected currencies – selection on the fly
  • Consolidation of results at multiple levels: Corporate, Country and Hotel Groups

Analytics Platform

Hotel Occupancy, Yield and Profitability

We have instilled our BA Platform at two midsize hotels in India.

The web based platform provides insights into hotel performance on daily basis:

  • Reservations and Cancellations
  • Occupancy
  • Revenue
  • Revenue yield
  • Discounts
  • Operating expenses
  • Capital expenditure
  • Outstanding receivables
  • Inventory
  • Gross profit margin
  • Net profit

The platform provides ‘pivoting’ on the browser with functionality of  slice, dice and drill-down, capable of analysises of KPIs by:

  • Room type
  • Operating locations such as Restaurants, Travel Desk, Binness Centre
  • Service type
  • Reservation agents (travel agents)
  • Customer demographics
  • Loyal customers
  • Corporate customers
  • Customs feedback
  • Customer complains  and recognitions

All KPIs  were reported against budget / plan / estimates as well as past periods.

Interesting features of the platform, appreciated by the clients:

  • Dashboard indicators reported against KPI trends
  • Detection of outlier events and transactions with auto generation of Exception Reports
  • Dashboard Alerts with features for setting alert limits
  • Forecasts for next four weeks  based on reservation trends

Bookers Loyalty Platform

For two properties of a large hotel chain,  our BA Platform enables awarding and redemption of loyalty points.

The program is targeted at individuals, normally an employee of corporate client, to incentives  repeated bookings.

Points are automatically awarded based on spend as well as room nights by the customer based on data downloaded from billing system.

Points are redeemed by issuing gift vouchers.

The platform has built in features:

  • Generation and email circulation of points statements
  • List of  bookers qualifying for gift vouchers
  • Classification of bookers based on business value
  • Addition and attrition of bookers
  • Analysis of bookers’ performance by:
  • Company – sector, size, location, department, etc.
  • Bookers’ demographics|