Business Analytics Services are offered using our BA Platforms on the Cloud.

Value Proposition

We create value for clients by providing wide range of insightful Dashboards and Analytical Reports for various business roles and users in the Client organization.

Our pricing model for Analytics Services enables use of service by hundreds of employees within an organization at reasonable cost per user per month.

Information is updated daily or weekly as required and we take complete responsibility of data upload and tally to ensure reliability of information delivered.

The entire value creation is founded on collaborative effort between Clients, Consultant with Domain Expertise and our expertise of Data Management and application of Business Analytics.

Apart from our expertise, Clients get added value based on innovative repository of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Reports in different business domains.

These projects are short-duration roll-outs  with one to two months time.

We have highly satisfied ongoing Clients using these services for more than five years.

Analytical Reporting

Delivery of Analytical Reports to large number of business users, daily, based on their roles and preset reporting content and format.

Typical Implementation

One-time activities:

  • Study
    • Source data
    • Business user roles and users
    • Information requirement
  • Design and Development
    • Creation of Data Mart
    • Building ETL
    • KPIs
    • Analytical Reports
    • Dashboard
    • Assigning access rights

Recurring activities:

  • Data upload
  • Data cleansing
  • Data tallying
  • Refreshing Dashboards and Analytical Reports

Predictive Analytics and Decision Support

Predictive Analytics are deployed as per client requirement for supporting decisions such as buying, inventory allocation, stock transfers.

Delivery of periodical (i.e.weekly) recommendations using preset Analytics approach.

Typical Implementation

One-time activities:

  • Study source data
  • Study business problem
  • Design analytics approach
  • Select Analytical Methods
  • Customize Methods
  • Build Analytical Models
  • Deploy Models for Analyses
  • Evaluate Results
  • Recommend Best-fit Results

Recurring activities:

  • Data upload
  • Data cleansing
  • Data tallying
  • Application of Predictive Analytics model (where applicable)
  • Generating recommendations